Logan Point Trail

Logan Point Trail

Logan Point Trail is the northern most Monte Sano State Park trail that undulates around Logan Point.

Getting There

Easiest way to get to the Logan Point Trail is to start out from the northern Sinks Trail trail head located off of the closed section of Bankhead Parkway.  From there You will cross Mountain Mist and then the Sinks Trail will turn right and head southeast which is where the Logan Point trail begins.   There is a short section to start which has been shut down and rerouted to the right which now flows more naturally into the Stone Cuts trail.  Be sure when you get to the end of this reroute that you take a left to stay on the Logan Point Trail. 

The Trail

Logan Point Trail starts at the Sinks Trail and runs around  Logan Point intersecting with the Stone Cuts trail, Panther Knob Trail, Northern Flat Rock Connector, and Keith Trail before ending at the Stone Cuts.  The first section of the trail is double track and more than likely an old logging road.  It is very popular with mountain bikers so it can be muddy than some of the less bike friendly trails.  At .4 miles you will see the Panther Knob Trail, a geographically challenged trail that is no where near Panther Knob. 

From there the trail converts back over to single track and descends about 50 feet to the intersection with Northern Flat Rock Connector.  There is no marker for this trail other than a sign stating that the trail is on private land and is closed from October 1st to January 31st during hunting season.  Continuing on The trail undulates and crosses a creek where at .89 miles you start to ascend before the intersection with the Keith Trail.  Here the trail switches back continuing up till it ends at the Stone Cuts trail.

I joke about the Keith Trail being boring when in all actuality it is pretty much the same as the Logan Point trail.  As I mentioned in Keith trail article Its hard to tell where one ends and one and and the other begins  It reminds me of the last scene of the book Animal Farm when the Pigs and the Farmers stand up and all the other animals distinguish who are the Pigs and who are the Farmers.  If they ever go back and rename the trails they should merge the trails in one and called the whole thing the Logan Point trail and the name the switch back that leads to the Stone Cuts the Boring Keith Connector. 

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