About Huntsville Outdoors

About Huntsville Outdoors

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Welcome to Huntsville Outdoors!  This website is intended to serve as a clearinghouse of information regarding entertaining outdoor activities and news in the Huntsville and North Alabama areas.

Huntsville Outdoors was conceived during a canoe-camping trip on the Flint River in 2012, but it's been a long time coming.  Since approximately 2007, the founders of Huntsville Outdoors -- Davy and Eric -- have scoured the wilds (and not so wilds) of the Huntsville area, looking to investigate nature / kill time / find adventure.  Naturally in the process we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge concerning fun outdoor activities in the Huntsville area.

Strangely, though, we've found that a good bit of this information is not publicly-available.  We've heard so many rednecks describe how to get to obscure, off-the-map locations like Blackwell Swamp, Sublett Bluffs, and Rockhouse Cave that we thought we better write it down ourselves in plain English, lest we get confused because the old Jeep on the corner finally gets taken down off the blocks and we can't find our trailhead anymore.  We thought it only fair if we share our veritable treasure maps with you.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and we always encourage you to seek out your own outdoor adventures and share them with us.

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