Local Shooting Ranges

Local Shooting Ranges

So you just bought a new gun at Larry's and already burned through your free pass at their indoor range. There are actually several other shooting ranges nearby and we'll give you the inside scoop on each of them. We've also put together a map showing their locations. Some of the ranges are out of the way so you'll thank us for the map.

Larry's Pistol & Pawn (Huntsville Location)

Photo: pistolandpawn.com

Everyone knows about this place and it's close. They've got a great setup for pistols but they don't allow shotguns and many rifles unless it fires pistol ammunition, such as .22 LR, most cowboy-style lever actions, and 9mm SMGs. Larry's is especially great if you're not completely comfortable with guns as the rangemaster can assist you with any questions or concerns you have. Their Madison location does not have a range.

Cost: $10/hour includes eye and ear protection, and one target. Additional targets are extra.

Pros: Trained rangemaster present, eye/hear protection provided, motorized target retrieval

Cons: Fee, limited hours, no shotguns allowed.

Swan Creek

Photo: outdooralabama.com

We go shooting here pretty frequently. It's out near Calhoun and is not staffed. There are three ranges: 25, 50, and 100 yards. Off to the left is a field to shoot clays but bring a thrower/launcher.

Cost: $10.85/year Wildlife Heritage License can be bought online here

Pros: Pretty much free, rifles and shotguns allowed

Cons: Unregulated, unpaved roads. Closed during duck season.

Tip: For just $2 more you can get the Res Freshwater Fishing license ($13.10) which includes the Wildlife Heritage license for free.

Madison County Shooting Sports Association

This place has odd hours with very small windows of opportunity for non-members but they have an amazing skeet range. They're located way out by Sharon Johnson Park. There's also a covered 50-yd pistol and rifle range. They finally fixed their website and it has some useful information and forms.

Cost: $5 per person for the range and $6/round (25 clays) for skeet range.

Pros: Good price, excellent skeet range

Cons: Limited hours (Saturdays & Sundays only from 9am - 3pm)

Redstone Arsenal

I'm adding this range for completeness sake but many of our readers may not have access. There is a skeet range on Post and it's super cheap. You have to obtain a permit from MWR Outdoor Recreation before you can bring your shotgun onto the Arsenal. Call 256-876-4868 or 256-876-6854 for more information.

Cost: The range is free and skeet are $5/round (25 clays)

Pros: Cheap, good hours (9:30a-5p daily)

Cons: Limited access

Last Resort Range

Photo: lastresortguns.com

Last Resort is the newest range in the area located on County Line Road in Madison. It's an indoor range next to Stem & Stein. They allow most all pistols and several rifles. Range is open M-F 10am-8pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 1-6pm.

Cost: $20 for the entire day. $10 for an extra person using the same lane. They also offer membership plans.

Pros: Indoor, potentially a better value than Larry's if you're there more than two hours

Cons: Pricey if you just want to pop off a few rounds

Tip: Occasionally, Last Resort teams up with Stem & Stein next door to offer a Range & Stein Date Night. For $60 you and a date get a range pass, a gun rental, and a voucher for two entrees and beverages at S&S. There's also a prize for the couple with the best target. Shooting range first, then drinks at the bar. The ordering is important ;)

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