Camping with Young Children Doesn't Have to be Awful

Camping with Young Children Doesn't Have to be Awful

If you have little ones and are looking to take the next step from backyard camping, we highly recommend one of the Huntsville Botanical Garden's family campout events. Simply bring a tent and sleeping bags and the Garden staff/volunteers do the rest. And because most of the work is handled by staff, parents get to actually enjoy the night. It's also perfect for single parents or parents who have little exposure to camping.

When you arrive around 5pm on Saturday, you're allowed to drive straight into the camping area near Dogwood Grove. Set up camp and then move your car out of the camping area (about 50 yards away).

Dinner consists of hotdogs, chips, juice, etc.--standard camping fare. There are several fire pits set up and kids can cook their own hotdogs on a stick or cut to the chase by grabbing some already cooked hotdogs. Then enjoy the next 30 minutes while your kids avoid their food at the same time insisting they're not done eating until they eventually wander off having not taken a bite.

Then everyone loads up for a hayride to the outdoor Amphitheater. Depending on the weekend, it could be a movie or some wildlife exhibit. There's free popcorn and some $1 candy. Then back to camp for s'mores. Again, the staff handle all the details. Wooden sticks are provided along with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Lastly, the Von Braun Astronomical Society has some telescopes set up. Volunteers take turns showing the kids different objects in the night sky.

Bonus: Restrooms are a short walk from your tent.

Eric Adams

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