Bears Return to Northeast Alabama

Bears Return to Northeast Alabama

davybackDavy Canupp

Davy is a founding editor of Huntsville Outdoors.  He hikes, he paddles, he bikes, he imbibes. He's been four feet from a grizzly bear and he's held an alligator. He's probably the coolest guy you don't know.

We've previously written about the return of the American Alligator in Alabama, and this afternoon, we were pleased to also see confirmation that the beautiful Black Bear is making a comeback in the northern portion of our Great State.  Previously, Black Bears had been extirpated from all areas of Alabama save a few small habitats in the extreme southern portion of the State.

According to the Associated Press and Robert Carter, a Jacksonville State University biology professor, we now have photographic proof confirming previous rumors that Black Bears have re-entered northern Alabama.

Just in case you are a bit perturbed at this news, we remind you that although all wild animals have the inherent ability to present serious hazards to humans, Black Bears are not typically aggressive animals.  On the off-hand chance you actually encounter one of these very rare creatures, enjoy the view and remember there is no need for violence.  In fact, under Ala. Code ยง 9-11-481, harming or killing a Black Bear is illegal in Alabama.

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