Top 9 Makeout Spots in Huntsville

Top 9 Makeout Spots in Huntsville

For reasons that are not entirely clear, Huntsville Outdoors has compiled the following list of makeout spots in the area. Most likely, the majority of our readers have easy access to their own home/apartment/tent in which to get it on. But if you're in the mood to relive your youth, then crank up the ole 4WD pickup (or Jeep) and go experience an American pastime.

To be honest, we figured at the very least the title of the article would garner a few clicks. Yes, it's come to that. But before we just dive right in like a clumsy high schooler getting his first feel of sweater puppies, let’s discuss the two basic types of make out spots. Category A are those you can visit without explicitly stating your ulterior/lusty motive and then there’s Category B where both parties just want to get busy. Locations in the first category need to possess some kind of inherent draw like a scenic view. With these, the goal is to go hangout, enjoy the view, and "Hey did you just unhook my bra!?".

Places in the second category simply need to be secluded because both parties know what's expected. These places tend to be remote and honestly a little creepy.

If you know of more locations, use the comments section below to tell us.

1. Rockhouse Cave Lookout

Last year, we wrote about Rockhouse Cave which fits into both categories. It’s out of the way and has a view of the Tennessee River. There’s a gate about 50 yards from the lookout so if it’s closed, you’ll have to walk. There are actually several parking spots along the Tennessee River on Wheeler similar to these.

2. Monte Sano scenic overlook on Governor's Dr

Probably the most popular location with an excellent view. Take Governor’s about halfway up the mountain and follow the signs to the scenic overlook.

3. Bankhead Parkway

This one can get busy so keep it PG. Take Pratt to Bankhead Parkway where there’s a pulloff less than a mile up. There’s room for about 5-6 cars with a view overlooking Oakwood Ave. If it's full, continue driving and there's another pulloff not much farther.

4. Ditto Landing

I listed Ditto Landing here because I have to imagine there’s some serious necking going on here on Friday nights.

5. Blevins Gap

Another obvious spot. Take Cecil Ashburn up the mountain about 3 miles and there’s a gravel parking lot with a nice view of Bailey Cove. We wrote about Blevins Gap last year.

6. Beaverdam Swamp Boardwalk

This place also fits into both categories. There’s an amazing raised boardwalk trail here and no one uses it. Well, almost no one. The road is currently closed while they build the I-565 interchange at County Line Rd. We've also got an article dedicated to the boardwalk.

The makeout spots below clearly fall into Category B. While Huntsville Outdoors is not aware of any specific axe murdering individuals at the following locations, we also cannot be liable in the event you come into contact with one. You have been warned.

7. Juniper Street near Pulaski Pike

Juniper Drive ends at some sort of cell tower. Commence Marvin Gaye music.

8. Moontown

Take Moontown Rd south from US72. There are plenty of quiet places to park.

9. Dirt road on Slaughter

I’d always seen the dirt road off Slaughter (just north of the railroad tracks). I finally explored it one day and found it ends in what has clearly been used for...uhh activities.

Update: For better photos, click here for a summary about our article published by on 7/16/15.

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