Stone Cuts

Stone Cuts
Leaning Tree of Stone Cuts

Limestone formations have created an awesome path that makes the Stone Cuts one of the "Must Do" trails in Monte Sano State Park.

Getting There

The best place to tackle Stone Cuts from is the Sinks Trail at the intersection where Stone Cuts and the Keith Trail start just after Three Benches.

The Trail

Starting out the trail inclines toward the Stone Cuts where just before reaching the formations the Stone Cuts Bypass branches off to your left.   Having a bypass seems silly to me, its like going to the aquarium and not looking at fish.

Just past the bypass you shouldn't take is where the "Cuts" start. From end to end the limestone formations comprise maybe an 1/8 of a mile.  In one spot the limestone has formed a cool tunnel you go through that might be a good place for snakes to hide. The last time I was on this trail I had two grown men, who will remain nameless (you know who you are), huddle behind me as I used the light from my iPhone to ensure the path through the tunnel was free of our slithery friends.  You also under the Leaning Tree that is growing between two walls. After the "Cuts" the trail starts to descend and meets back up with the bypass. The rest of the trail is very rocky requiring some technical running. Near the 1/2 mile point the Logan Point Trail branches off to the north and at 0.65 miles Panther Knob Trail does as well before ending at the other end of the Logan Point Trail.

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You can't Camp There Camp Site

You are not allowed to camp outside of designated areas within Monte Sano State Park. But if you could there is a spot just after the bypass and before your reach the "Cuts" called Golan Heights that would be perfect place to pitch a tent. Golan Heights is a small plateau to the Southwest of the trail with a cool man made stone stairway leading up to it. This area also offers nice views during the fall and winter months when the leaves are gone. But you can't camp there, so don't.

Stairway to Golan Heights

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