Keith Trail

Keith Trail

I don't know who this Keith guy is but I don't like him or his boring trail.

Getting There

Keith Trail Starts near the Three Benches at the intersection with Stone Cuts and the Sinks Trail.

The Trail

I really struggled  with what to write about the Keith Trail.  It doesn't have any special features to it that sets it apart from the other trails.  It isn't super long or super short.  Its just... Keith.  It's the boring guy who lives in your neighborhood who you hope you don't get stuck talking to at the HOA block party.  I am sure that its probably named after some famous Hunstvillian or conservationist whom I don't know but this was too boring to even research.  So unless someone tells me different I am going to assume it is named after famous football announcer Keith Jackson or country music singer and Dixie Chicks hater Toby Keith.

The trail runs around Golan Heights which if you read my Stone Cuts article you know that it would be great place to camp but you can't do that so don't.  Just before the 1/2 mile point you cross a creek bed that is maybe the one interesting thing about trail.  This is also where the trail starts a short ascent for 1/4 of mile.  From there it's slightly rolling until it ends at the Logan Point Trail. Yet in true Keith like style it bleeds right into the Logan Point Trail in such a nondescript manner that if you aren't paying attention you won't even know it. Oh Keith you're such a...Whoa Nellie!

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