Fire Tower Trail

Fire Tower Trail

The Fire Tower Trail is a trail that leads to a fire tower...


Getting There

To run the Fire Tower Trail park at the first parking lot on your right after you enter Monte Sano State Park on Nolen Drive then walk back past the gaurd shack till you get to the North Plateau Loop and take it north until you reach the Fire Tower trail in a few yards. 

The Trail

The Fire Tower Trail starts from the North Plateau Loop and runs 1.4 miles ending at the Monte Sano State Park Fire Tower.  Along the way the trail runs around the Japanese Tea Garden and intersects with Nolen Drive, the North Plateau Loop, the South Plateau Loop (x2), the Bog Trail, and Bucca Family Trail before ending at the fire tower.  The trail itself is very easy with no major inclines and offers both double and single track sections.  It also offers a bit of history about the early days on the mountain if you take the time stop and read the historical markers near the former homes of James O'Shaughnessy, the man for whom that southern point of the Monte Sano is named after, and Robert Fearn, the  man  for whom the Monte Sano street is named after, as well as a third marker by the fire tower.  If you are too busy to read them while on the trail you're in luck because they are all right here.

Unfortunately, once you reach the aforementioned fire tower you are not allowed climb it and see the amazing views that it must offer.  I assume the state park doesn't want to assume the liability if someone were to get seriously injured or worse while reaching the summit of the tower.  Knowing also how the state has failed to fund our state parks like they should there is no doubt that the tower probably requires quite a bit of maintenance to be ready for climbers.  I have first hand experience climbing to the top of the fire tower at Lake Itasca State Park, home of the head waters of the Mississippi River, which was spectacular.  I can only hope one day I can take my children up the Monte Sano State Park Fire Tower.


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