Monte Sano Pokéhikes

Monte Sano Pokéhikes

If you have left your house recently there is a good chance that you have seen people of all ages glued to their phones playing Pokémon Go.  If by the off chance you have not noticed this phenomenon you are either unaware of your surroundings or you yourself are playing this addictive game.  If standing around Big Spring Park isn't your thing here are four Pokémon Go hikes you should check out.

*7/20/2016 Added Eevee Hike

Pidgey Hike (2 Miles)

Gyms: 3, Pokéstops: 10

The Pidgey Hike is simply the North Plateau Loop in its entirety and is great for kids.

Rattata Hike (3.5 Miles)

Gyms: 4, Pokéstops: 7

This hike's CP (that's Combat Power for the uninitiated) is a bit higher than the Pidgey Hike even though the trails themselves have the same dificulty it involves more turns. Starting from the hikers parking lot off of Nolen Drive head east on South Plateau Loop and hop on the Bucca Family Trail which you will stay on, aside from a jaunt down Bog Trail for a gym, until you reach the Fire Tower Trail. You'll stay on Fire Tower till you reach the 2nd intersection with the South Plateau where you will take a right and head northeast till you reach your origin point.

Pikachu Hike (3.5 Miles)

Gyms: 3, Pokéstops: 9

This point to point hike takes you on some of the more challenging trails in the park. You can start at the Cold Spring parking area but the mountain bikers lot off of Nolen Drive in Monte Sano State Park is better since there are more available spots. Start by heading down Sinks Trail going past Three Benches until you reach Stone Cuts. Make your way through all of "cuts" until the intersection with Logan Point Trail and hike it to its end where you stay straight on Sinks till you reach the Mountain Mist Trail.  Take a right on Mountain Mist and stay on it till it terminates at the Cold Spring trail where you will take another right and head east till you reach the Cold Spring parking area.

Eevee Hike (4 miles)

Gyms: 2, Pokéstops: 11

I would be remiss if we didn't add a Pokéhike on Land Trust property. Unlike the state park hikes that have Pokéstops at consistent intervals, you'll find a majority of these at the trail head. But with with 11 total, it has by far the most Pokéstops. From the Land Trust parking lot on of Bankhead Parkway you will head north on Toll Gate Trail until you reach High Trail. Take a right on High Trail, which you will hike in its entirety. The one Pokéstop on High Trail is at the Hotel Basin Trail, which if you take the time to explore leads to some ruins of the Monte Sano Hotel that was built in the late 1800s. Back to the trail!

When High Trail ends take a hard right on to Bluff Line Trail and head east. Soon you will reach a section where the Bluff Line and Wagon Trail merge. If you're looking for a Gym, head a short distance down Wagon Trail then come back to the merge when you're done. Continue through the merge where you will take another quick jaunt back down Wagon Trail and hit a Pokéstop before returning to Bluff Line where you stay unil you get back to the Land Trust parking lot.

If you find any Pokémons while hiking take a picture and share it with us; we will post the best ones on our Facebook page.

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